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Top 10 Must Have Apps for Android

If you are trying to search for the best apps for your android mobile phone. But there is a possibility to get lost while searching for the best android apps to start your Android journey. Here is a list of best android apps for you to start your journey with android Smartphone.

What’s Here In This List?
We have tried to include a little bit of everything in the list, as it covers security, entertainment, productivity, and social apps. For us it is impossible to get almost all functionality in just ten apps. These 10 apps just for the help of the beginner for helping it’s best experience. The idea behind this list is to cover the popular must have apps available on the Google Play Store.
Top 10 must have apps for android -

Top 10 must have apps for Android :-

1. avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

In android there is a very less chance that your device will encounter a malware as there are many ways that can infect your device. For that kind of problem here avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus comes very handy, as it is packed with tons of safety features like, anti-malware tools, anti-theaf tools, and privacy tools, and it also have some other services like Mobile Backup & Restore, Firewall, and Application Locking. The price tag is unbeatable. 
Price : Free (Playstore)

2. LastPass Password

Many of us created many account’s on different websites or applications it’s very difficult to remember all of those user accounts. LastPass Password is a password manager which is an amazing application that removes the clutter of remembering all those user accounts user and passwords. When ever you want to login to any website or app let the lastpass do that heavy lifting fro you as it can generate as well as remembering the existing passwords. Lastpass also supports  fingerprint prompts fro devices like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S. The app is available to download at zero cost or free of ccost but if you want to get premium service, it will cost you 1$ per month.
Price : Free, premium account $12/year (Playstore)

3. Google Drive

The best cloud storage service is Google Drive that conveniently connects with your Google account or Gmail account. It gives you easiest way to access important files from anywhere. You can do tons of stuff that is not present on any other cloud storage apps on android. In this app you can also get creating and editing features for MS office documents on your android device. This app is available for free and you get 15 GB of cloud storage to use.
Price : Free (Playstore)

4. Firefox

I think everyone knows that chrome browser is bundled with every android device Google activates, but we encourage you to use Firefox browser. I think you might find firefox browser a better suit due to its abilities to safe guard your privacy and a robust nature as ever. Firefox provides better zooming and panning of web pages which are very large and you get quicker page load speed on it.
Price : Free (Playstore) 

5. Evernote

Many people likes to keep list or take notes, record there voice occasionally to remind themselves and also browse a lot of websites on their mobile device. To manage all these things Notes, reminders, websites everyone needs a multi-functionality tool operating over these tasks, and there is a tool which is much better than any other tool which is Evernote. It is open tool and powerful like Android Operating System as it will overwhelm you at first use. But it is as easier and intuitive to use its features like Optical Character Recognition, which makes texts in photos visible to search. Evernote probably can do just anything you want to on your Android smartphone.
Price : Free (Playstore)

6. Instagram

Instagram have mastered the art of fast photo/video editing and sharing over mobile. And if you are an avid photographer or admires the beauty of it, this app is a must have for you. As it is one of the best ways to spice up your photos and you will definitely find your group of friends easily because of its popularity among all kinds of ages. Instagram also allows users to share their photos or videos by fine-graining the clutters or using great filters-by-filters settings over your photos or videos. Install this app as it will be your go to tool to share and edit the photos and videos on the go.
Price : Free (Playstore)

7. Twitter

There is always a need to get latest stories happening around your living as well as outside it. To get real-time news you have to have a real-time app, and what is better than the revolutionary platform twitter. The micro social network’s Android app is a good way to get latest upbringings around your world. The app allows you to get tailored trends, which is purely based according to whom you follow and what you tweet a lot. With clean design, simple, and intuitive user interface, twitter’s free Android app deserves a download if you are a true twitter fan.
Price : Free (Playstore)

8. Youtube

It is a powerful tool that changed the way we see videos, whether it may be for music, learning or anything you can think of. The app is perfectly design to give you the best video watching experience under one roof. You can subscribe to your favorite channels as well can manage one and upload your videos directly to the Youtube site via its free Android app. It has an interesting feature which allows users to navigate through other videos while still watching the current playing video. This feature works pretty seamless as you just have to slide down the current video and you can still search for which video to watch next. In short, if you are looking for a go to entertainment app on your Android device, you should definitely download Youtube’s free app.
Price : Free (Playstore)

9. Flipboard

Flipboard is an ultimate tool to beautify your RSS abd social feeds at one place. The Flipboard is a social aggregator tool with a magazine style layout where you can flip through with a simple swipe of finger. The app allows you to even create a personal magazine with your favorite feeds covering stories from your social accounts as well as stories from whom you follow. The discover more feature on app is filled with dedicated sections like New & Noteworthy, By Our Readers, News, Business, Tech & Science, Sport, Photo & Design, Travel, Style and many more, where you can read tons of latest stuffs and archives. Flipboard also allows its users to follow customized magazines created by its users as well as contents posted by your friends on the social-aggregator. Bottom line is that you can customize the RSS and social feeds with tons of options and you also get a unique magazine-style interface, all of it on free Android app.
Price : Free (Playstore) 

10. SoundCloud

It can be your go to Android app to record, listen and share your sounds on the go. With SoundCloud’s official Android app you can easily capture your sound and share it with your friends or followers over various social media accounts. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this app as you can browse through the tons of official music collection uploaded on SoundCloud by leading music records. The SoundCloud is an ultimate tool that fulfills all your needs record, listen and share sounds while surfing on your Android device. So, whether you are music professional who is touring, then this app is your ultimate way in to share all your music or just record voice memos and audio messages for personal or private use. And it’s all for free.
Price : Free (Playstore)

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